Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to Enjoy Pizza at a Seattle Best Beer and Pizza House

One of the best comfort foods you can easily get in America is pizza. It has become almost a staple food for most people in the US that it has become too common kind of food. Some would get pizza because they want to have pizza and end up not enjoying it. You should know that there are ways you can eat pizza and actually enjoy it. Especially if you go to a Seattle Best Beer and Pizza House, you have to take pleasure in every bite you get off your pizza.

To start off, choose what type of pizza you want to order. You have to decide as to which toppings you want to be put on your pizza. You may want to consider the nutrition you get from every ingredient if you are one, who is very picky with your choices. However, if you don’t mind about the flavor at all, you can definitely enjoy every slice without restrictions.

Order a pizza with the size you are willing to consume. Check out the sizes of the pizzas offered in a restaurant. If you are in the best beer and pizza house in Seattle, you can rest assured that are going to be served with more than a good sized pizza. These pizza houses serve their products in standard serving sizes and they are fortunately large. If the size of every slice won’t matter to you, enjoy every bit of it because you deserve it.

Some people would say that the best way to eat your pizza is to use knife and fork. They say you’ll be able to taste every bite if you eat pizza this way. However, in whichever way you are eating your pizza it doesn’t really matter much. Use your bare hands, but be sure to wash before eating. Eat your pizza exactly the way you want it. Get a slice, fold and bring it to your mouth. Or, if you want, you can take out all toppings off the crust and eat it bare. You can munch in on the toppings afterwards. It is really all up to you! Enjoy your pizza your way, with knife and fork or none at all.

If you are in a beer and pizza house, there is no way you are ever going to miss out on the beer part. Of course, you get to enjoy your pizza to the last bite with beer to flush it off. You can chug a bottle of beer or a glass of your favorite cocktail. That is just the best way to finish off a pizza devouring session.

How else are you going to enjoy your pizza escapade? Share the moment with the people who are close to you. Have a good time with your friends! Catching up with everybody over pizza and beer is just great while reliving your memories from the past. Especially if you celebrate your friendship and bring back the good old days in Seattle best beer and pizza house, you all will definitely go a long way.

Monday, July 7, 2014

What You Get With Dining In A Legendary Pizza House In Seattle

Out of all the many pizza houses in Seattle, many people would choose to go mainly with the new ones to try out what the place has. However to most pizza fans, especially those who love to have pizza with beer, they would rather choose to get pizza from the most trusted pizza houses in the region. What would you get if you choose to dine out in a legendary pizza and beer u district in Seattle by the way?

Imagine how everything today seems to be instant, but lack the quality. This could be the kind of food you get in some normal pizza places. If you want to get something that would actually surpass the value of any amount you are paying for, then you should go somewhere that has been in service for a long time. Pizza houses that have been serving their flavors for decades are extremely remarkable. You get to experience the taste of the past and enjoy it in the contemporary setup.

If you dine in a pizza house that has been operating for decades, you sure would be served with utmost quality flavors. Pizza houses that last long are definitely passionate about their business and make sure they give only the best to their customers. Go to that one legendary pizza house in seattle today and be served not only with excellent quality, but quantity as well. There is nothing better than eating the most delicious pizza in town and getting a really good share without having to pay too much.

What keeps most pizza houses last long in the industry is how they accommodate customers during special occasions. In seattle’s case, everybody would love to watch the huskies play, especially during the end of the football season. Pizza houses last long in the scene because they offer a husky legends night. Seattle residents could enjoy watching football games while filling their stomachs with delicious pizza and pairing it with beer and some great cocktails.

Although places as this pizza and beer u district in Seattle are not readily accessible to minors, they still offer pick up orders to go. Minors can still get to eat their special pizza flavors as take out. If you think you must not miss out eating in the newest pizza parlor in town, you shouldn’t miss out with the ones that have been there for decades as well. Surely, the pizza would taste as good or even better.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What to Order From the Seattle Best Beer and Pizza House

When you visit a pizza house, pizza isn’t the only thing you can find in the menu. There are other items that you can order to the taste of your palate. The next time you dine in a Seattle Best Beer and Pizza House, it would be easy for you to order your meals if you know what kind of dishes are available. Here are some of the common dishes that you may be able to find on a menu from a Beer and Pizza House in the Northlake area of Seattle.

Before you go  eat your main course, you can choose from the different appetizers first. The most popular are chicken nibblers, which are basically fried chicken strips that is paired with a yummy dip that complements the taste of the chicken. You can also munch on some garlic cheese bread and Italian sausages.

You may want to order some salad from the restaurant. There are different salad that you can choose from the menu and it includes antipasto, chicken, or dinner salads. The antipasto salad is commonly good for 2 to 4 people. It has the freshest vegetable, olives, salami and cheese and a generous amount of Italian dressing. The chicken salad, which serves up to 4 people, contains grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, cheese and olives. You can choose the type of dressing you want to add to this dish. As for the Dinner Salad, a solo dish, will have some greens, mozzarella cheese, green pepper, olives, tomatoes and salami.

If you want to eat a heavy meal for lunch, you can choose a chicken sandwich, which is often served with your choice or side dish, such as potato salad, green salad or a cup of soup. You may also order a luncheon chicken. It is a solo dish that contains grilled chicken, tomatoes, olives and Parmesan cheese. It would be good to order a hamburger for lunch. It will be served to you with potato salad or a cup of soup. You may request for an additional cheese for your burger as well.

What you shouldn’t miss ordering in a beer and pizza house is the very star of the place, which is the pizza, of course! Basically, these pizzas have a generous amount of mozzarella cheese, topped with healthy oregano and real Romano cheese. This is usually the basic pizza you’ll see in the place. However, if you want to taste more of the pizza flavors, you can always order them.

Most pizza places allow their customers to create their own flavors. They can choose the type of toppings they want to add into their pizza. In some cases, the places will have their specialty flavors. The customers can choose to order them as well.

These were just a few of the many dishes that you can order straight from the Seattle Best Beer and Pizza House. The next time you dine in similar places, you will know what food to order. If you don’t want to spend so much time deciding which food to eat in the restaurant, you can always check place over the internet and look ahead for possible dishes you can order before you actually visit it to eat.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Seattle Summer Outdoor Movie Guide 2014

Seattle Summer Outdoor Movie Guide 2014

There are many scenic locales—like Shilshole Bay Marina—to watch movies under the stars this summer.

It's time once again for the fresh air escapism of Seattle's various outdoor movie series. This year's slate is loaded with multiple opportunities to catch '80s classics like The Princess Bride and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, '90s favs like The Big Lebowski and Jurassic Park, and new hits including Gravity, Despicable Me 2, and The Lego Movie. There are also plenty of quirkier options including Fremont Outdoor Movies' Wes Anderson tribute (The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic, and Rushmore), MOHAI's sweet double feature of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Chocolat to correspond with the museum's Chocolate: The Exhibition, and Three Dollar Bill Cinema's cheeky "Teenage Dreams!" lineup (Bring It On, Clueless, and Teen Witch)

Get ready for movies under the stars with our regularly updated list of 2014's summer outdoor movies.

Fremont Outdoor Movies
July 12
The Royal Tenenbaums
July 19 The Life Aquatic
July 25 Wet Hot American Summer (21+)
July 26 Rushmore
Aug 2 Dazed and Confused (21+)
Aug 9 Mama Mia!
Aug 15 Office Space (21+)
Aug 16 Ghostbusters
Aug 23 The Dude Fest: The Big Lebowski (21+)
Aug 30 Jurassic Park

Movies at Marymoor
July 9
July 16 Ferris Bueller's Day Off
July 23 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
July 30 Footloose (1984)
Aug 6 The Sandlot
Aug 13 Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Aug 20 Finding Nemo
Aug 27 The Princess Bride

Movies at the Mural (Seattle Center)
July 26
The Princess Bride
Aug 2 Gravity
Aug 9 Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Aug 16 The Great Gatsby
Aug 23 Star Trek Into Darkness

Three Dollar Bill Outdoor Cinema: Teenage Dreams! (Cal Anderson Park)
Aug 1 Bring It On
Aug 15 Clueless
Aug 22 Teen Witch

MOHAI's Chocolate Night at Lake Union Park
Aug 23
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Chocolat

Outdoor Movies at Magnuson Park
July 10
July 17 The Lego Movie
July 24 Gravity
July 31 Sixteen Candles
Aug 7 Jurassic Park
Aug 14 Pitch Perfect
Aug 21 The Little Mermaid
Aug 28 Ghostbusters

Moonlight Cinema at Redhook Brewery
July 10
Old School (18+)
July 17 Despicable Me 2
July 24 The Hangover (18+)
July 31 Top Gun
Aug 7 The Big Lebowski (18+)
Aug 14 Anchorman
Aug 21 Die Hard (18+)
Aug 28 Fast and Furious 6

West Seattle Outdoor Movies
July 19
July 26 Spice World
Aug 2 Sleepless in Seattle
Aug 9 The Blues Brothers
Aug 16 The Goonies
Aug 23 Frozen

Bellevue Summer Outdoor Movies
July 1
Despicable Me 2
July 8 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
July 15 Epic
July 22 Nut Job
July 29 The Lego Movie
Aug 6 Gravity
Aug 12 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Aug 19 42

Carillon Point Outdoor Movie Nights
July 12
Thor: The Dark World
July 26 Despicable Me 2
Aug 9 The Lego Movie
Aug 23 Ender's Game

Auburn's Summer Sounds and Cinema
Aug 1
Despicable Me 2
Aug 15 Turbo

LeMay Car Museum Drive-In Movie Series
June 21
July 26
Smokey and the Bandit
Aug 16
American Graffiti

Movies at the Marina (Shilshole Bay Marina)
Aug 15
Despicable Me 2
Aug 22 Hook

South Lake Union Block Party
Aug 8 TBA


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Sunday, June 8, 2014

How to Save Money when Going to Northlake Best Beer and Pizza House

Pizza is one of the best and easiest munchies to get. It hasn’t originated in America, but many people in the U.S. love it and actually makes it their staple food at times. Especially in the Northlake region, you can find the Northlake Best Beer and Pizza House. However, if you buy a pizza from these kinds of restaurants, you will need to spend a specific amount of money before you can finally take a bite of the yummy pizza. You should know that there are several ways in which you an save money on your pizza purchases.

Here are helpful tips so you can keep your pizza tab affordable all the time. You can use the following tips below, the next time want to buy pizza.

1. Look for Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promos. This is probably one of the best tips you can use to save money on your pizza purchases. You can actually get two pizzas for the price of one! And, you don’t get that all the time. If ever you get special promos like this, you better grab the opportunity because you don’t get to enjoy it every day.

2. Order a Large Pizza for Everyone. The bigger the pizza you order, the more money you can save. It is actually better to get one large pizza for everybody than ordering several small sizes. You see, you can get the same number of pizza slices, or even more, with the larger pizzas. That is a fact that can even be explained by math! 

3. Make Use of Pizza Vouchers or Discount Cards. The best things in life are free. Indeed, you would get the best feeling in the world if you receive a pizza voucher or coupon, which entitles you to a free round of pizza! If you can’t have a voucher for free, you can just use a discount card. You may not be able to get the entire pizza for free, but you sure will get big savings if you use it.

4. Pizza on Takeout. Say you are in the restaurant and you know you would be craving for more pizza when you get home. You order more pizza to take out and you can bring it with you when you get. You don’t need to go back to the restaurant. You only need to reheat the slices once you want to eat them.

5. Pick up your Pizza. If you have ordered pizza via the phone, pick up the pizza if its on the way to save you from the extra cost for delivery.

Buying a pizza alone is a lot cheaper than when you choose to order some other restaurant dishes. The Pizza is one of the most practical food you can buy for yourself and for everybody, because it is more affordable than any other kinds of food. But you should remember that there are still ways for you to save on your pizza purchases. The next time you want to get pizza from the Northlake Best Beer and Pizza House, remember those tips given above. For sure, you will not only enjoy the pizza experience because it’s delicious, but you just saved yourself some cash as well.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nosh Pit Weekly Planner: June 4–10

Nosh Pit Weekly Planner: June 4–10


One down, twenty to go.


Beers for Books at King’s Hardware
This Ballard Ave pub will be quaffing for a cause this Wednesday. All proceeds from Lowercase Brewing and Fremont Brewing Company pints and pitchers will benefit Room to Read, which supports gender equality in education and literacy. If beer’s not your thing, $1 of each boozy, lavender-infused King’s Lemonade will also go toward the cause. There will also be a raffle to support the organization.

Iron Vintner Challenge at Woodinville Winery
It's the final year for Willows Lodge's Iron Chef–esque culinary competition, and the first round happens on Wednesday, with 2010 Iron Vintner winner Darby English squaring off against 2013 winner Lisa Baer. Tickets are available online, and a portion of proceeds will benefit Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center. 

Seattle Met's Next Hot Chefs Party
Once again we bring you five culinary up and comers—and a party where they make us food. Join us at the Bullitt Center for drinks and bites at 6pm. Tickets are $75


FareStart Guest Chef Spectacular
Wow, this lineup—Matt Dillon, Palace Kitchen's Desi Bonow, Matt Bumpas of Poppy, Bobby Moore from Barking Frog,  and Meeru Dhalwala? That's not even half the list. There's plenty of wine, beer, and spirits involved, as well. Tickets start at $70.

FRIDAY, June 6

Barrio Popup in Bellevue
This Capitol Hill favorite will once again bring its revered muscat margaritas and pork carnitas to the Eastside this week with its second popup at Cast Iron Studios, the private event space that was once home to Barrio Bellevue. The $30 prix-fixe meal will include diners’ choice of starter, entrée, and dessert, and a selection of Spanish and Portuguese wines, cervezas, and tequila-heavy cocktails. Call 206-838-3853 for reservations.

Frost Doughnut-Eating Contest
Frost’s grand re-opening coincides serendipitously with National Doughnut Day, and the shop is celebrating accordingly—with its fifth annual doughnut eating contest. Hopefuls can register online. The prize? A $100 Frost gift card. Because exactly what you want after a doughnut eating contest is even more doughnuts.

Rosé Days at Bottlehouse
Madrona's uber-charming wine bar will celebrate its second Summer Rosé Days with a 6pm tasting of 21 rosés and live music.  Each $15 ticket is good for eight tastes, and a $20 ticket includes a Summer Rosé Days corkscrew.


Wine Tasting at Serafina
This Eastlake osteria’s sommelier Salomon Navarro will be pouring complimentary samples from retail-priced bottles that will be available for purchase from 1–4pm. Nibbles from sister restaurant Cicchetti will be available for $1 each. A special happy hour will follow from 4–6.

TUESDAY, June 10

Tiki Party at Bastille
Erik Carlson, barman of record for both Bastille and Stoneburner, has teamed up with Portland’s House Spirits to create Bridgetown Rum. Celebrate the launch at Bastille’s back bar with some island-themed festivities. Chef Jason Stoneburner will create a surf-inspired menu, and Bridgetown Rum cocktails will, of course, be plentiful. The party runs from 8pm to close and reservations are not required.


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