Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Give your Taste buds a Treat at the Best UW Pizza and Beer Hangout


Comfort food, you say? Well, there’s quite a lot of comfort food out there, but when it comes to the Best UW Pizza and Beer Hangout, there’s only a selected few that offers the taste your taste buds demand for.

Pizzas, one of life’s greatest pleasures, matched with iced cold beer… ahhh! Refreshing!

The UW District Signature

The U District is where you will find the best and all kinds of pizza. Pizzas are usually round, at least that’s what we have grown up and gotten used to, but nowadays, some pizzas come in square shapes. Nevertheless, aside from the varied size and shape, it is the cheeses and pizza sauce that makes a pizza unique and distinct from all others. Pizza dough is what sets the bed for the different kinds of flavors topped on a pizza. The UW District is the place to be when you find the need to relinquish a certain type of hunger pang, especially when pizzas and beers are concerned.

The Right Pizza for You

When you are looking for a nice place to have a wonderful slice or even a whole pizza, as well as the coldest beer to match it with, then the UW area is the place to be. What kinds of pizzas are in store for you in this wonderful place? Flavors offered? Toppings? Beers???

Below are the various flavorful pizzas waiting for you.

Cheese Pizza. This flavor never goes out of style. Sauces (from sweet to tangy), cheese (runs from mozzarella, Romano, cheddar) and herbs (oregano, fresh ground pepper). The combination of all these ingredients definitely is a waker-upper.

Meat Pizza. The best kinds of beef sausages, pepperoni, bacon, and other meat toppings await you. Not to mention salami! Match all that with your choice of cheeses. Yum!

Hawaiian Pizza. A tangy and sweet pizza that comes with bacon, green peppers, fresh pineapples and vegetables!

Chicken Pizza. Who says health conscious people cannot have a healthy slice of pizza. You can with this pizza topped with chicken, embedded on a special sauce, and vegetable toppings of your choice.

Vegetable Toppings. Name it, they have it. Olives, bell peppers (red, green and orange), pineapples, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and so much more.

All that, matched with ice cold beer… is your mouth watering yet?

Those are just a few of what you can expect at the best UW Pizza and Beer Hangout. You don’t like the choices? Then request for your own customize pizza! Anything you want, you got it. Give this place a try and see what you’ve been missing.