Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chill out at the Best Beer and Pizza House

Pizza and Beer is the perfect combination and the perfect match that matches the definition of comfort food. Both of these foods are best for gatherings, meetings and celebrations and having them would be great at the northlake best beer and pizza house. for they have the best pizza and the best ice cold beer you, your family and your friends may chill out together and have a good time This pizza house has been serving good pizza and the best cold beer since way back in 1954. Their pizza is unique and has no match because of the way they make their pizza, it is based from an original old italian recipe. The Owner of the beer and pizza house just improvised the old recipe into his new original recipe he added toppings and secret ingredients that enhance the flavour and the taste of the pizza.

They have the traditional cheesy cheese pizza as we all know this pizza is topped with heavy cheese that is melted on pizza with a delicious crust, only that their pizza is different from the other pizza that other pizza houses would sell because their pizza is created unique with their own northlake style signature pizza. If you are a fan of chicken pizza they also have it here, they cook the chicken well matched with the freshest herbs and spices a perfect combination for the chicken topping that is topped in your pizza. If you are a meat lover then you gotta try their jumbo meat pizza, their meat pizza is topped with all different types of meat, may it be beef pizza, pork pizza you name it they have it. Their meat is cooked well and the pizza is added with secret ingredients that will enhance the flavor of the pizza.

They also have their the best classic Hawaiian pizza which is topped with pineapples and green peppers you will surely love their hawaiian pizza it can also be added with bacon and special herbs and spices at your command, the good thing about their pizza is that you can create and personalize your own pizza. so if you feel like taking a break from your busy life or you just want to have all out fun, Then spend your time at the best pizza house at northlake best beer and pizza house. we will promise you that you will really be satisfied with our superior food and great prices and service.